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Low energy consumption
Low warranty claim

It is difficult to find the right compressor wine coolers (fridges) with the most reliable and best quality. And, It's also not easy to find the right supplier who is both professional in design and manufacturing of high-end compressor wine coolers (fridges).

VSONG Electronics Co., Ltd (Brand name: COLTECH) are specialized in the design and manufacturing of Compressor Wine Coolers (fridges).

We continue to improve product quality and product designs, ensuring our wine coolers are the best quality and of the highest class design. We will work closely together with you to enhance your competitive advantage in the market.

COLTECH is not only a supplier of compressor wine coolers, but also your ideal long-term business partner in the wine coolers (fridges) industry.

Engineers: Our engineers are backed up by over 10 years of products development and manufacturing experience in refrigeration(wine coolers, wine fridges, wine cellars, wine cabinets) industry, with deep knowledge and understanding to fulfill your needs and requirements.
Quality approval: CE, CB, ETL, CETL, RoHS compliance
Management system: ISO9001, ISO14000 Certified. We understand the importance of product quality and have applied strict quality assurance system, including ISO9001. We ensure all the production procedures are strictly controlled and monitored from incoming materials to final products testing.

Compressor Wine Coolers with Fan Circulated Air-Cooling System

COLTECH's Stand-alone researched and designed temperature control system is a creative intelligent control system . All compressor wine coolers (fridges,cabinets) from COLTECH are made in fan circulated air-cooling system, which can ensure the temperature uniformity in the whole cabinet.

Direct Cooling System

It is a natural way of thermal conductance. Under direct cooling system, the temperature in different corner of the cabinet is different, the positions which are closer to the condenser will be more cooler.

Fan Circulated Air-Cooling System

With fan circulated air-cooling system, the cool air was blowed to and mixed in cabinet by fan, it's better than Direct cooling system to ensure the temperature uniformity in the whole cabinet. You can set the most appropriate temperature to protect your favorite wi

Manufacture solution and materials is also important to the
excellent and stable performance of wine coolers (fridges,cabinet):

Thickness of External Body Case

The thickness of wine cooler's external body case is related to the intensity of the case, body case of wine cooler from COLTECH is made by 0.7mm cold rolled steel sheet, stronger enough to back up high pressure and protect the case from distortion.

Fan Circulated Air-Cooling System

Interior cabinet made by rubber board will leave seam. Moisture in the cabinet will penetrate the foam through the seam day by day. Wine cabinet use foam to prevent thermal conductance between the interior and exterior, and preserve its inner temperature. If the foam is wet, the thermal conductivity will increase and cause the temperature control ability becoming weak. COLTECH's Interior cabinet was made by the injection of HIPS (high density plastics) without seam. It can ensure the good performance of low thermal conductivity, low energy consumption and stable operating temperature


UPPER zone: 5-15C
LOWER zone: 7-18C
Set storage and service temperatures for both red and white wine



Smartly spaced to fit bottles of Bordeaux (regular) size and larger, including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Champagne



Glass door with stainless Steel trim and handle, UV-protected glass protects wine from harmful light.



COLTECH wine fridges feature a brilliant blue glow to illuminate your bottles, showcasing your wine with sophistication and style

COLTECH attended Beijing TOP WINE
CHINA Wine Show.

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